Welcome to an up close and personal view of Northern California and the Bay Area. If you’re anything like myself, you’ve got an itch to wander. Sometimes we need a little help scratching that itch… a bit of inspiration. Take a look through my lens to inspire and shape your own sense of exploration. This site is filled with photos designed to get you out of the house and into the world, even if your destination is just around the corner. I tend to be a weekend warrior, limiting my longer day trips to Saturdays and Sundays. There is still hope for the busy weekdays though! I’m constantly discovering new places to shoot photos right outside my door. It’s important to have an appreciation for where we live, and that appreciation helps my own self stay motivated.


Most recently I visited Limantour Beach, one of the many Point Reyes beaches. Although it’s a little “off the beaten path,” the windy drive is definitely worth it. Upon arriving you’ll find parking to be easy and plentiful! Which is a huge plus in my book. The entrance to Limantour has bathrooms and a sign for trail maps. On this particular day there was also staff handing out paper trail maps, I’m not sure if they are always around though. There were at least 10 Marshland-type trails to choose from if you wanted to hike, but my fiancé Alex, dog Allie, and myself were looking more for a relaxing beach day. Dogs are allowed on certain areas of the beach (all easily marked) which is another major advantage.


The scenic views and wildlife are spectacular and the beach itself is very clean. A perfect setting for photography. Harbor seals often bob their heads up and out of the waves while pelicans follow close behind in search of fish. For a Sunday, the beach was not too crowded at all and I was able to snap some great photos (for more information on my camera and equipment, see the “about” section.) Take a peek into my life, through my lens.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Wow, I love the included photography. It really gives a great feel to the location. Do you visit Limantour Beach often? Also, do you bring Allie with you on your adventures a lot? I try to bring my dog hiking but he tends to not stay on the trail with my boyfriend and I.


  2. Beautiful photos!! I’ve never been to the Pt. Reyes area, but seeing these makes me want to put a visit on my bucket list! The dune photo is completely different from our dunes in this area, despite just being some hours away.

    *side note: totally impressed that your white shirt is still pristine! 😉 I have a 4.5 year old so white clothing is a risky proposition! Haha!!


  3. Those are fantastic photos! Such a beautiful landscape and area. It’s crazy how different the dunes there look when compared to the dunes we have here. I’ve never been to Pt. Reyes, but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

    SN: Kudos on your white shirt staying clean! My 4.5 year old boy generally assures that wearing white is not in my daily plans!


  4. Lindsey I indeed followed you here from Instagram. Your passion and dedication to life is totally inspiring. Thank you for sharing all that you share.

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