Abandoned Home in Point Reyes

Recently I visited another stunning beach in Point Reyes. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this destination was even more “off the beaten path” than Limantour. The beach is simply named South Beach, and is fairly difficult to locate using just the name alone. Make sure to check out the link below for specific instructions and a trail map if you’re interested in visiting for yourself.

Upon arrival parking is plentiful, there’s hardly ever anyone here. Be aware, this is not a beach you’ll want to visit if you’re looking for a sunny spot to lay out. This seven-mile stretch of coast, although breathtaking, is cold and windy year-round. As you enter the trail head for the beach, you will certainly want to turn left for the most spectacular views and photo opportunities. Be sure to scan the ocean carefully to see seals constantly bobbing their heads up and out of the waves. Farther out we were also able to sneak a peek at several whale spouts. It’s not only the ocean that makes this beach so scenic, it’s also the spectacular, sandy cliffs. They have an almost sculpted appearance, hard to explain with anything less than a photograph.

Not far down the beach, a little over a mile or so, is the main attraction. From a distance, you will notice what appears to be an old house atop the cliffs, overlooking the ocean. As you continue walking toward this house you’ll notice that it has been obviously abandoned for a number of years. Want to take a closer look? There’s a shabby looking path (if you can even call it that) about 100 feet beyond the house. Wander on up, through the shrubs and the wildflowers, and you will happen upon what appears to be a small abandoned estate. It’s eerie, it’s beautiful, and it’s sure to spike your curiosity.

Broken fence pieces show remanence of a ranch next to an empty barn. The barn is filled with broken building pieces and snapped planks of aged wood. Across the path from the barn is a longer building with all glass, broken windows. Inside, empty drawers are scattered about and there are two, old rusty refrigerators. In case you were wondering… they’re empty. Be careful around this building, although there are many hidden treasures surrounding it there are also loads of glass shards. Be sure to take a good look at the sad, little boat that has sunk into the landscape. Painted in yellow western font, she is appropriately named “Old Timer.” Back toward the ocean are two very small buildings (I really have no idea what they were) and the house. The house, although completely boarded up, is gorgeous. The salty air aged the wood beautifully. It certainly would be nice to wake up to that ocean view every day.

The weird part? I can’t find a bit of history about this abandoned property. It was definitely a private residence at one point, but I’m not sure why its archaic ruins are still standing. Although I would love to know more.

The remainder of the seven-mile stretch includes more scenic beach views and tons of flora and fauna. I was surprised how prolific the Cliffside plants were in such cold and windy conditions. For a more up close and personal view, take a look through my lens.

How To Access This Trail

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